Magnetic stripe card emulator


This is a proof of concept magnetic stripe card emulator. Adron embedded a thin strip of metal into track 2 of the magnetic stripe. The ends of that strip are wrapped with thin copper wire to create a solenoid. The solenoid is driven by a PIC microprocessor and some transistors to boost the signal. The software provided can pulse a test pattern and any additional card numbers you supply.

53 thoughts on “Magnetic stripe card emulator

  1. Hey, ok, so there’s a fun park-type thing about 10min. from my house, and they use a Magsripe card to hold all of your money and tickets, Can this be used to be an artificial card with, say, 1,000 tickets on it?

  2. I have a machine that I rented for the past 8 years. It has a card reader on it, I would purchase minutes in order to get the machine to work. Now company is out of business and I can’t use the machine without swiping a card. I’ve tried removing the card inside to bypass the reader, but not working. I’m not that tech savy so is there anyway i can continue to use this machine? do I purchase a card writer and write my own cards to add minutes? Does the brand of card swiper attached to this thing matter, if I do write my own cards? Any ideas/help would be appreciated. I hate to throw this thing away and spend more money ($5k) for another brand machine when this is operating perfectly (providing I have magnetic cards with minutes). Thanks.

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