RC Paintball Tank Built From Printer Parts

rc paintball tank

You could spend hours exploring the R/C Tank Combat website, so we will highlight one project to get you started. Steve Tyng built this awesome model based on the Russian T34-85 tank. The body is all wood an uses stainless steel axles salvaged from a printer. The original drive system used 24-volt DC motors from dot-matrix printers, but they’ve since been replaced. The most tedious part of this build appears to be the tracks which are made from a treadmill belt sandwiched between wooden blocks. The turret rotates and the barrel can elevate as well. The entire turret package can be easily removed. Inside is a cheap paintball gun that has been lightened and has a small RC servo bolted on to depress the trigger. Definitely have a look at the Maryland Attack Group’s other projects like their field artillery and armoured cars.

[thanks Jason]

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Shmoocon 2006: Wi-Fi Trickery Or How To Secure, Break And Have Fun With Wi-Fi


Franck Veysset and Laurent Butti, both from France Telecom R&D, presented several proof-of-concept tools at Shmoocon that use 802.11 raw injection. The first is Raw Fake AP. The original Fake AP is a script that generates thousands of fake access points. It is easy to spot because of tell-tale signs like the BSSID showing the AP has only been up for a couple milliseconds. Raw Fake AP tries to generate legitimate access points by modifying BSSIDs and sending beacon frames at coherent time intervals.

Raw Glue AP is designed catch probe requests from clients scanning for a preferred ESSID. It then tries to generate the appropriate probe responses to keep the client occupied.

Raw Covert was the final tool. It creates a covert channel inside of valid ACK frames. ACK frames are usually considered harmless and ignored by wireless IDS. The tool is really basic right now, there is no encryption and it doesn’t handle dropped frames.

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