Power Glove Mouse

power glove

Feeling a bit nostalgic, Hack-A-Day reader Brandon has been hacking on a Nintendo Power Glove. The original Power Glove was sold by Mattel as a unique controller for the NES. It used ultrasonic sensors to determine orientation and could detect four different positions per finger. The finger’s resistance varies depending on how much it is bent, so Brandon used an LM339 comparator to determine the mouse clicks. For the actual mouse interface he used the guts of a Gyration mouse. He’s got a video of the beast in action plus links to an original Power Glove ad.

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Hack-A-Day Extra

playstation 2 linux kit

I told my friend that I would promote his radio show, but we would probably DOS the streaming server. He said, “Go for it!” If you are interested in dance/electronica, listen to You are so beautiful, beautiful robot every Thursday, 7-9PM CST. Click for the live stream.

[Sean Hillmeyer] notified us that DC480 will be handling the TCP/IP Enabled Contest at Defcon again this year. The contest rules are on their site. We saw at least one of the entries last year.

It has been nearly a month since I put one of these posts together. Which means our Team Hack-A-Day folding team has produced over 12.5 million points and are now in the top 50. Watch out team “Linux”?! Continue reading for lots of links.

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