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playstation 2 linux kit

I told my friend that I would promote his radio show, but we would probably DOS the streaming server. He said, “Go for it!” If you are interested in dance/electronica, listen to You are so beautiful, beautiful robot every Thursday, 7-9PM CST. Click for the live stream.

[Sean Hillmeyer] notified us that DC480 will be handling the TCP/IP Enabled Contest at Defcon again this year. The contest rules are on their site. We saw at least one of the entries last year.

It has been nearly a month since I put one of these posts together. Which means our Team Hack-A-Day folding team has produced over 12.5 million points and are now in the top 50. Watch out team “Linux”?! Continue reading for lots of links.

[scout] pointed out another wireless mod for Austar antennas.

[Chris Martin] still needs to add fiber optics to light up the laser on his Death Star thumb drive.

CalPolyPomona is working on Generic Interpreter, a program that creates just-in-time interpreters in Java. [Xor_pettit]

Tom’s Networking ran a series of articles on using an Xbox as NAS: Parts one, two, and three [default]

openEyes is pursuing low cost eye tracking and has some information on the software involved. [Alex]

[MAT_THE_W] made a protective acrylic cover for his monitor.

Bad Brothers Racing has updated their site and are continuing to make progress on their jet-bike.

[Standard Mischief]’s guide to zeroing your Google cookie.

Dustin Kirk’s RFID blocking duct tape wallet. Wouldn’t it be better to use foil tape instead of tape and foil? [andrew chiong via Lifehacker]

How-to modify the images on your Mobiblu MP3 player. [blt]

[woz]’s shortened USB drive

[eric]’s paper clip and rubber band pen holder. I’d hate to be around when that thing explodes.

[Jakeh]’s semi-automatic rubber band gun from a pizza box

Drivers for using the EyeToy as a webcam [Enrique]

Make your own Griffin Powermate. This is on my list of things to build. [GRimo]

Floppy disk striped RAID under OS X [tutejszy]

[shtoink] pointed out that our friend Jason Rollette has been working on version 2 of his underwater ROV.

[n2ei] reminded us that the 19th Annual Winter Shortwave Listeners Fest (SWL Fest) will be March 3-4 in Kulpsville, PA.

[Chris Rybitski]’s LED LEGO bricks

[sprocket] has grafted a LEGO RCX into his Roboraptor.

[Lance]’s joke guide to turning a PocketPC into an iPod.

[fastmhz]’s portable NES

Guide for repairing common laptop problems

Video of opening a lock with a banana [mat]

[Burke] wrote a serial interface for XMMS that will work with our Winamp controller.

Spark Fun’s guide to reflowing solder using an electric skillet [agent420]

[thoughtfix]’s USB power injector for peripherals that can’t get enough power from the host.

[gordon]’s night ops eraser

256bytes demos archive [Daedalus]

[computerguru365] replaces a USB port on his Blackberry.

A couple projects by Hack-A-Day readers were featured on other sites today:
[Joseph] is selling his i-Tablet on eBay.
[Artypete]’s Mac Mini portable

Thank you for all of the tips.

18 thoughts on “Hack-A-Day Extra

  1. too bad the 8-bit nes doesnt have more pics. but that’s ok
    oh and also, why bother shortening your usb drive? half an inch isn’t really gonna make any difference.
    the article on google’s cookie is really interesting, I didn’t know about that
    great post, eliot, I love the hack-a-day extras.

  2. *At the moment the live stream is up….and it just told me that the dude was in the bathroom? o_O?…..WTF? with the computer voices aiee!

    *Am i the only that is glad there is a fix for the google cookie ID?

    *I agree with william on the USB shortening…however must add the comment to his comment of “half an inch isn’t really gonna make any difference” to which i must reply a women would say different :-p lol

    *The Mobiblu hack is pretty kickass however i dont have one -_-

    *The Homebrew USB Knob project looks like somethign i could sure use

    *The Raptor Walk Test Video was pretty cool, that takes some skill to do

    *That portable NES is also awesom, I might try makeing that

    *THe Laptop repair guide might come in handy some time

    *turning a PocketPC into an iPod is funny as fuck

  3. Given the hits on my site (guide for repairing common laptop problems) from today, This has given me encouragement to document a hack for power sockets I used not too long ago when someone tripped over my laptop power cord and tore out the original power socket… Ill send in another post when its done.

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