8 thoughts on “Email On The Cisco 7960

  1. I’ve been working on a Winamp Control Service for the Cisco phones.

    It’s still under construction, and just a proof of concept. No where near a public release.

    But you’re free to give it a try:
    The readme in the zip-file is in dutch.
    Here is an english version:

    The latest version (1.5, not online yet) even supports the 7970 a bit. Like the touchscreen it has.

  2. Great hack. I run 9 7940G’s with Asterisk at work and they too are a very solid phone. We used to run the snom 320’s but never could get the sound quality right. I can’t wait until the SIP firmware for the 7941G’s is release so I can mess around with those. BTW: Voiplink.com has been running a special on the 7960G’s at $275.00 a pop which is pretty much the cheapest on the net.


  3. I never notice this email option on my office phone. However how can Install SIP firmware 8.2 on my Cisco 7960, I tried but it gives me error while grabbing firmware from the TFTP server, it asks for a file which probably not available in 8.2 package.
    I’ve had luck to successfully install Cisco SIP firmware version 7.4 by following following URL:


    But they didn’t mentioned how can I install 8.2 on my phone. Please help if anybody knows .. keep in mind I want to use it with Asterisk.

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