29 thoughts on “Disco Bar Completed

  1. [quote]can anyone say disco airhockey table… *drool*[/quote]

    well if you were to take this design and then figure out a way to make it hella bigger then replace the wood surfce of the airhockey table it would be ulmost done….that would be kick ass

  2. Most of those effects were from the MIT disco floor, they have them available for download on their website. I now want to build me a bar like this for my new apartment. And as for beer pong, you could make really cool scoreboard out of it :p

  3. Congrats man, this is sweet. You know how you should spend a bunch more time now? Make it reactive.
    Some kind of capacitive sensors, or even something along the lines of reed switches in each cell, and magnets on the base of glasses/bottles comes to mind… that’s a lot of inputs, but I’m sure you could come up with some neat visuals to surround your drink and chase that fumbled shotglass around the table…

  4. come on, this guy didn’t do much original other than turn the dancefloor into a bar… its certainly cool but its just MIT’s surface when it comes down to it. nothing original there.

  5. its not lame haha in fact the commenter mike hit the nail on the head, all these projects stem from one (MITs) if something original is what your looking don’t look at the bar projects

  6. I like ’em all… but what’s kinda confusing is when someone says original idea and disco dance floor in the same context…

    The floor is not a new idea… neither is digital control of it o.0 That’s not to take glory away from any such projects – but it made me laugh… As with most disco dance surfaces :P – the cool factor is just as high as the guy who did the animated christmas lights to music :P

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