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itrip mini

[josh mason] is in the process of converting his iTrip mini FM transmitter (cache) so that it will work with any device. The iTrip uses the iPod’s accessory port for power and control. The acc. port is what Apple used before settling on a standard dock connector. After he cracked open the iTrip, Josh compared it to an earlier hack we featured and noticed that the wiring was backwards which explains why the acc. port devices won’t work on different generations. He’s got a new headphone jack attached but still needs to construct a power supply. If he wasn’t making the device universal, he could get 3.3V out of his nano’s dock port.

10 thoughts on “ITrip Mini Universal Mod

  1. Nice hack and great info.

    From TFA: “Currently the iTrip has to be powered by my sisters iPod to function but in the next step I will construct a 3.3v regulated power supply using some free samples from my good friends at T.I! Also this will give me some time to design or think of a good way of containing the Power Supply, Batteries and iTrip.”

    I’m *really* looking forward to this part of the tutorial, provided it gets written. The only thing keeping a nano+iTrip from being a good in-car solution is that the batteries are probably aren’t up to task for a long car rides (or switching to mass transit after a short one). So an acessory port adapter for that +3.3V, would really be the icing on the cake.

  2. I really dont understand why there isn’t a “standard interface” for DAP’s, its great that the IPOD has all sorts of accessories, but I’ll never buy a Ipod and I obviously can’t use Ipod accessories on my iAudio X5. But if there was a standard interface, these accessories could work with any DAP, I just don’t understand how there can be standard interfaces for something like a headphone jack, but not for accessories/charging. Same goes for cellphones.

  3. I’d love to see some sort of standardization too but who’s going to develop it? The reason it doesn’t exist is because every company and their parent want to use their own proprietary system as the standard, it’s not too often people will budge on that.

    Past that any standard that does get chosen is more often then not the one that gets sold better in the business meetings, not necessarily the one that offers the most flexibility or ease of use.

  4. to bad itrip sux! its great at home maybe, but isnt strong enough, i even tried the hackaday copper wire instructions and a little better, but still not good enough, any ideas on how to increase the range/strength?

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