X10 PIC Based RF Remote

x10 remote

[ned] received a free X10 RF remote. He popped it open to discover that the device is actually based on a PIC. By replacing the PIC with his own he’s able to issue any X10 command using the remote to any device in the system. He did spend a lot of time with a logic analyzer to try and figure out the protocol, but later found some good reference links. He hopes this will make it easier to connect his PIC projects to the X10 system since this remote doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall like the X10 serial interfaces.

13 thoughts on “X10 PIC Based RF Remote

  1. Neat… While I appreciate a good hack, the CM17A “Firecracker” (9-pin serial) and CM19A (USB) would be much easier to play with for those of us lacking soldering skills.

    Just becareful. Installing a wireless transceiver in your X10 setup could potentially open you up to external “attacks”. Doesn’t take long for a CM17A connected to a laptop to cycle through all the house/device codes.

  2. Yeah, a CM17A or CM19A would be a lot easier, but perhaps he didn’t know about these devices, as they are no longer made. Even Smarthome doesn’t have them anymore. But then there’s always eBay.

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  4. I really do not appreciate someone else impersonating me, but I guess that is the risk I take posting on anonymous comment systems.

    #3 – I experimented with a borrowed “Firecracker” to automatically power cycle my cablemodem whenever it lost sync (internal system pings various sytem, if can’t ping assume modem died yet again and power cycle it). Worked well, but as I tinkered more with it I realized how easy it would be to “war-X10”. Be an annoyingly simple matter for someone to turn off my cablemodem at will from the street (although the monitoring system would automagically turn it back on in 5 minutes). I gave the Firecracker back, and if I ever try to re-implement it I’ll probably use a hardwired solution.

    I’d be more concered about those people who think X10 is secure and setup homemade security systems with it.

  5. All – a number of smarter folks have pointed out the CM17A “Firecracker” is a readily-available alternative to this hack. The CM17A is as cheap and doesn’t even require external power. I have to admit, had I known that was an option, I wouldn’t have done this hack.


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