PSP Remote Serial Interface

psp remote interface

This PSP remote interface article gets submitted from time to time, but keeps falling through the cracks for some reason. [XyTec] submitted it most recently and I finally remembered to post it. It’s a guide from last July on interfacing with the PSP’s remote port. The port is a serial interface at 2.5V so you need to do some level shifting. Once the cable is complete you can use it get a serial console, add GPS or dump debug info along with many other possibilities. A remote emulator program is provided.

20 thoughts on “PSP Remote Serial Interface

  1. If your talking terminal as in remote desktop/VNC the has been an app (PVNC) that has been out for the PSP for quite some time. It works with programs like TightVNC, etc. running on Windows, Linux, Mac, or even Xbox I think. Its amazing

  2. 2.
    its very likely that PSP will have serial ports since it was Sony that invented that type of communication.
    and serial ports isnt old, they were invented for like 2 years ago, lol dude, learn your stuff.

    really nice hack thou, if i had a psp i would make me one, but since i only have a nintendo 8bit its kinda hard to do the same…

  3. wow, post #4 has so many errors I just won’t bother.

    I thought this was just going to be another IR port hack, I wasn’t expecting there to be a serial port either. Are there any programs out there for the PSP that let you drive the pins on the serial port? I might have to add it to my list of consumer electronics turned into robot controllers.

  4. That’s neat… I’ve been wanting to check this out, but I was afraid I couldn’t reassemble my remote.

    Marcus (the guy who decoded the protocol: ) is a great hacker. We worked together on the Sega VMU ( ) & he also did most of the reverse engineering of the dreamcast console:

    What I want to know is what happens when you send one of the missing command codes – 0002 or 0040.

    The ipod’s remote is very similar – it uses a serial line, too, with a similar protocol, but doesn’t have the fancy chip-on-board IC.

  5. uhh, mom/dad person, **you** need to get out and actually read something. i said “old” as in apple dropping serial ports on their machines because they’re “old” — it’s called ‘sarcasm’. oh, and al gore invented the internet, too. serial is perhaps the most common, and longest-running, digital communications protocol in history, and was definitely not invented by sony 2 years ago. get out and open your eyes.

  6. lemon (#4): ya, having serial ports makes the PSP wide open to all kinds of hardware interfacing projects. robotics, serial terminal, remote controlling, internet, gps, datalogging, etc etc. if they just weren’t so expensive :P

  7. #1: there is, it’s called psplink… it also works over usb and wifi, and is the one tool you really need for developing homebrew on psp.

    #7: marcus is good at getting credit for other people’s work too….

    #8: This has been around for quite a while, and now we are to a point where USB is far more useful for development than this serial port is.

  8. what i ment was some ting like telnet or ssh i can just see somebody reprograming there router with a psp. and #13 the usb on the psp is not anything like this port

  9. I would like to do that with a PIC!

    My friend code it and I made the hardware but had some trouble with the serial communication. I am looking for a chip that conver 0v to 2,5V and 5V to 0V. I did it using diode and resitor but I am not 100% sure if it is software or hardware!

  10. can it maybe used for debricking a psp ? if so we need to start a new topic in psp history i meen 2.0 -> 1.5 Fireware downgrader exits and now a 2.1 2.5 2.6 2.7 -> 1.5 downgrader exits also (by Dark Alex)( Check if u dont trust me :) ) so its now time for finding a way to debrick a psp :) Greets Ep0xZ

  11. @bitned ever figure this out. im looking into this now for a bluetooth mod. if i can get serial then i can build a psp app to control it through serial. pick headsets etc. otherwise i get first bluetooth device found. which i s cool but controlling what it connects to with a bluetooth serial app would be great.

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