Computer Controlled Light Cube

led light cube

[Alex Hornstein] was bored one Saturday and decided to do something with the large pieces of scrap acrylic he had found. He built a cube and attached 15 RGB LED clusters along with 4 GB LED sticks. It takes 50W of power. The controller is built from ATmega48 and is controlled via serial commands over a wireless link from Spark Fun. You can find schematics, pictures, and video on his site, Art is Wrong.

13 thoughts on “Computer Controlled Light Cube

  1. Is it just me or does everyone seem to love anything that uses LEDs and cycles through colors?

    Its like such a stupidly simple thing but so infinitly intresting, like a lava lamp.

  2. It’s not a lame hack.
    I think the wiring could have been done neater or at least less obtrusively, and the photographic effects were annoying.
    -but a big box of lights is always cool to have around the house!

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