16 Point Digital Compass

16 point digital compass

[Mac Cody] wanted to add a digital compass to his robot. He thought the idea of the affordable Dinsmore 1490 digital compass using 4bits to transmit 3bits of data was ridiculous. He decided to build his own 16 point digital compass instead. The compass has four pairs of IRLEDs that reflect off of a gray code wheel. Each concentric track on the wheel represents 1 bit. He ran into some trouble when the compass magnets were being thrown off by the component leads. It just required a bit of tweaking to get right. Mac isn’t sure that this is the most cost effective way to gain one more bit of precision, but he did enjoy the experience and gained a greater appreciation for commercial units.

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  1. He mentioned Dinsmore 1490 (3 bit precision), but there is also 1525, with analog outputs. Feed it any microcontrolles with onboard AD-s, and you’ve got yourself much more than one extra bit with much less effort requiered.

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  3. Paul – The Dinsmore 1490 uses four Hall Effect sensors. A sixteen-point compass could possibly done with eight. The problem is selecting devices which will switch on/off appropriately in the presence of an off-axis magnetic field. That is how the 1490 works and I’m sure a lot of design went into it to get it right.

    ‘just a hackaday.com reader’ and ‘robot builder’ – True, the devices that you mention are more accurate and the non-mechanical variety don’t suffer from inertia. They are also significantly more expensive ($US39 – $US50 each), which is why I looked for a less expensive alternative. Also, compasses that require A/D conversion assume the availability of A/D converters, which adds to the total cost if they are not already present. A/D conversion introduces new problems, like noise supression/removal. The inertia issue isn’t that big a deal, if the robot turns slowly enough and you account for the affect.

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  14. Great hack. I’ve been using a modified compass with some optical sensors (from a PC mouse) for one of my projects, I’ll try this.

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  15. why isnt everything mirrored from the start as a rule? it’s annoying for the comunity and unfair for the content providers who get their bandwidth blitzed (or worse still their bank account get’s blitzed when they get their data bill) cant h.a.d. just contact them an before posting offer to mirror the relevan page and pics?

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