Electric Motorcycle

Lets face it, riding a segway or any other electric scooter just doesn’t get quite the respect that we’d wish. Eliot pointed out this video of an excellent electric motorcycle conversion in action. It’s a such a clean looking conversion that I couldn’t resist posting it. The major components to do the conversion were six SLA batteries with a DC converter that acts as a speed controller. I think it sounds like a giant R/C car rolling down the road.

I’ve been meaning to build an electric bike myself. I think there’s a huge potiention for EV home builders and bikes. The component cost is significantly less for a bike, and it’s just ideal for one-off development. Perhaps the day of the dorky EV is ending? [via kneeslider]

[Update: Calling this a motorcycle is a bit generous. Since it’s a 50cc chassis originally, it’s technically a converted moped. Still, I wanna see Woz charge one of these with his segway…]