USB Port Phone Hack

This one is more case mod than real hack – [computerguru365] whacked a female mini-b USB port into his Samsung [thx rsilvawashington] to avoid buying the overpriced Nokia cable(Reminds me of the infamous $65 startac serial cable) I like it, internal cell phone hardware hacks don’t come along very often, and he found a use for one of those useless demo phones.

13 thoughts on “USB Port Phone Hack

  1. I did this to my nokia 3300, it offers USB support to write to the MM card, but not to transfer anything else to the phone, which is frustrating. Nokia’s pop port is the worst interface ever, the stereo adapter works on and off because the contacts get dirty at the drop of a hat.

  2. This prolly an easy one fer u ppl. who do this as a hobby.Q:How do I access my locked Samsung cell phone if Ive forgotten the 4 digit code?& no,its not the last four digits of my phone #.Please help!!…I really dont want all my info erased just to access my phone!!

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