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Yup, more EV stuff today. This car [Cache mirror]is just so impressive that I think it’s definitely worthy. The car is a Birkin S-3 reproduction kit. Instead of the 4 cylinder, he put in a 3 phase 100HP, yes, 100HP electric motor. That’s pretty kickin. The *really* interesting twist is the battery pack. Multiple hybrid car battery cells (think prius NiMH) were salvaged to provide the juice. It runs around on tires designed for the EV1.

25 thoughts on “Electric 7 EV

  1. is it just me or does the coral cache not have all of the images? it says 400-Bad Request on most of them…

    this is a cool idea- and i really like how the interior turned out (from the few pictures that i was able to see of it)

  2. Does anyone here know how to get a hold of some LRR (low rolling resistance) tires? I would like to get some for my turbo-diesel beetle, but I’m not sure if they sell them at regular tire places, or if you have to buy them specially.

  3. This is truely amazing… certainly not a job for the home hobbyist, but very, very impressive nevertheless. and I’m with #9- the acceleration must be something to behold.
    Just frickin wow.

  4. The original 7 had 49 and 70BHP depending on the model of the original year of production. although most replicas have 150BHP Plus, up to 600BHP from the turbo Hayabusa powered cars!

  5. He stole my idea! After reading the EVUK electric vehicle site I was all set on building an electric Se7en.. after I graduate that is. Still, I don’t think anyone’s built an electric Fisher Fury yet.. now that I want to see.
    The site still appears unhappy (no images, just the home page HTML) and the coral cache gives error 400s, any other ideas or do we just have to wait for the traffic to die down a little?
    #14- there are plenty of home hobbyists converting ice cars to electric, if anything this should be easier because you don’t have to work with the car’s old transmission and so on. Google electric car conversion to see just how many people already do it.
    I’m certainly appreciating all the ev stuff on hackaday- please keep it up, we need to persuade more people that electric cars aren’t hopelessly impractical milk floats any more!

  6. For all the EV enthusiasts who want to know a little more about the car (the information on the site is pretty sparse), I found a brief post by the maker here: http://infoarchive.net/sgroup/ev/2515/
    He mentions his charger and his source for the batteries (scrappers, even in january 2002) and tires- if anyone can find contact details, I’d love to ask him for some tech specs (the rather wooly “re-engineered to produce four times the original capacity and power” statement could do with elaboration).

  7. hate to burst your bubble, but the acceleration would not be as “bat-out0of-hell”-ish as you may think. sure electric motors have crazy torque, but thats only because the power output remains the same. power and torque are related, power=(torque x RPM) /some constant, therefore the torque would be around infinity at zero RPM, but the power is not, and the POWER defines the acceleration.

  8. I’m not sure if the horsepower figures listed here are the ICE (internal combustion engine) equivalent, but because electric motors are measured at continuous power and ICE are measured at peak power, you can get a rough conversion buy multiplying the rating on the electric motor by 8 or 10. eg, a 20 HP electric motor is approx equivalent to a 160-200 HP ICE.

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