Hackaday Podcast 4

I’ve been thinking of resurrecting the podcast for a while. Now that my new mic and preamp finally showed up, it’s here, That’s right, podcast 4 is up. It’s an experiment, so let me know what you think. If it goes over well, I’ll try to make it a weekly feature. In the meantime, you can get it here – I’ll let you know when it’s published via iTunes. Meanwhile, here’s the rss feed if you want to subscribe. If you want to know about the hardware, you can check it out here.

[Yes, there will be a new hack later today.]
Oh yes, I forgot to add the music credits. Today’s podcast featured Captured by Ronka R and Discoshit by Voxter

24 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 4

  1. The podcast was great, I’d love to have it on a regular basis, but the background music was distracting. A little music as an intro an a closer would be fine, but having it all the way through was somewhat irksome.

  2. I found the music in the background very distracting. I was trying to listen to the podcast while my roommate slept in the other room but i couldnt turn it up very loud because of the volume of the background music. maybe lower the volume of the background music… otherwise i really cant listen to it before work =o/

    i dont own a “pod” so… no headphones XD

  3. It was enjoyable but it would have been better if the music was a tad lower in volume , it was hard to hear you speaking at times(not to say the music doesn’t have its role , it just needs to be in the background).

  4. Perhaps like… a “honorable mention” section… like andrew said, hacks that just didnt quite make it but are still kinda fun if we want to look em up or google around. maybe links to them with the podcast. “mentioned in the podcast… -link-” ?


  5. Personally I’d love to hear your view on the hacks (already there, keep it up :) ) and any uses you see or larger interesting projects you know of where they are used. if anything it should content the “this is a useless hack” people and give a wider context for how stuff can be used (eg the wake-on-lan ideas from the last one).

    references to relevant previous projects would be good for people who haven’t been reading for long. it shouldn’t need technical details unless they’re absent from the hack write-up, but possibly some type of FAQ-style answers to questions that many people are asking.
    I second the music comments, the bed was good but the level was too high. interviews would also be awesome.

  6. Podcast audio sounds great and congrats on starting it back up. Some suggestions:

    1) As mentioned before, remove the music from all but the intro

    2) Get a co-host, somebody you can bounce ideas off of and vice-versa. Otherwise you might just read though the points quickly and skip over some really good discussion topics.

  7. The links to the old podcast audio files don’t appear to be working on their pages- the mp3 files linked to appear not to exist, and the site (media.weblogsinc.com/…) gets stuck in an infinite loop of redirecting. If you have local copies could you put them up on the site somewhere?

  8. You may want to stick a pop-filter in front of the MXL to cut down on plosives. There were a few instances during the cast.

    If you have any audio questions, feel free to email me at the address provided.

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