9 thoughts on “DIY Wacom Cintiq

  1. Damn, i just got rid of a spare tablet last week I’d have kept it if I’d seen this.
    Really good write up, whilst more detail might be helpful to some, it’s not really lacking any info you’d need if you have a little imagination of your own.
    I quite fancy the idea of doing a smaller 4.5″ one now and tying that to a cheap old laptop as a touchable info/picture frame.

  2. Dang, that’s a very slick hack and it makes it so useful. the one drawback is the distance between the top surface and sensor is increased from what it originally was, which cuts down on your mouse movement (moving the stylus without touching the surface). Although in absolute position mode that won’t really change anything, since it goes where you want it.
    my 6.5″ graphire is a bit too new such that I’d want to cut it open..especially since it cost more than this guy’s entire projet. (of course, does his have tilt and pressure stylus sensitivity as much as the cintiq? :P)

  3. I look up to this guy, His imagination and resoursefulness got him the next best thing to a cintiq. I am going to follow in his footsteps and try to build one for my Cartoon Project being released soon. The only question in my mind is, Should I use my brand new 9X12 Intous pad, or should I go his route and find a used one and a bad LCD monitor??? ..X..

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