Gauss Pistol Redeux

Remember this? We hit it last year. [William] has been working hard, and made plenty of improvements. Aside from building it in black, he’s built a new model. He’s even hoping to release it as a kit in 2007. The latest version uses a PIC to fire the coils and manages the batteries, uses a pair of IR sensors to time the projectile, laser sighting and improved charging. It’s still only slightly more powerful than a CO2 BB gun, but one hell of an engineering challenge. Theoretically, these could be more powerful than traditional firearms, but power limitations keep them repressed like mid-evil peasants.

21 thoughts on “Gauss Pistol Redeux

  1. Very cool :) I wonder how it scales? The space constraints in the handgun form mean there can’t be that many capacitors, but with a rifle-sized enclosure and a small NiMH or lead-acid (maybe a motorbike battery) you could probably store 10x the energy.. but does that translate to 10x the projectile energy? Now we just need handgun-sized IR lasers…

    Ditto daniel’s post, it’s mediaeval (or medieval, depending on whose dictionary you read)

  2. Daniel V Klein – You pointed out he mis-pelt “mid-evil”, but your correction “mediaeval” is just as incorrect :-).

    It’s “medieval”.

    Although technically the archiac spelling once used was “mediæval”

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