DIY ‘PS3 Sixaxis’ Controller

[max] lets us know about this DIY ‘PS3 SIXAXIS’ style programmable controller. It’s a USB device that uses an accelerometer to provide an interactive human interface. They put one inside a model airplane and use it with a flight-sim. (I’d like to see them add some gyros to add some realistic resistance to the plane interface.)

10 thoughts on “DIY ‘PS3 Sixaxis’ Controller

  1. from what i hear, the real corsair was a lot more dangerous to fly. anyway, the motor inside was very small, from a tape drive or something. i did stick my fingers in the propeller and they are still attached.

    the main thing is not really the airplane, or the accelerometer…it’s the usb device. you can whip up code in minutes using basic, then funnel to the hid portal and out pops joystick input, or mouse movement, keypresses, volume control, whatever. you can do this with just one microcontroller but it’s not as simple.

  2. #6: because with a wii, you can’t tweak and hack the controller code to your heart’s content, adjust the response curves and sampling rate, add buttons, etc. basically the exact reason you’d make anything rather than buy a premade version.

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