DC Entries: Relay Board, PONG

I’ve got a couple more design challenge entries for ya. (The first one made the entry deadline, but he had to repost it to another web host – no whining about how it was posted on the 26th)

[Joe]submitted his Parallel port relay board. He’s still working on the software to drive it, but the board looks good. He suggests cutting a parallel cable to make the input. (I’ve done it, it’s a pain) I’ll suggest soldering the inputs directly to a solder style DB25 – or add some edge traces so that a cheap solder style connector can be attached directly to the board.

[Andrew] built and submitted UPONG – Pong on a LED dot matrix display. It reminds me of the pong hat. He’s even put up a video of the game in action.

95 thoughts on “DC Entries: Relay Board, PONG

  1. @3: The documentation on the site says that the hackaday logo scrolls across the LED matrix on startup.

    I have to agree. That upong is beautiful… I’d hate to have to do that soldering though…

  2. I recently worked on a project with LED matrix displays. In the process of trying to reduce our cost and our pin count we happened upon the A6821 and the MIC5891. These are gangs of source and sink drivers that are controlled serially via shift registers. Further they can be daisy chained so that you can control as many matrices as you want with only three MCU lines as long as you can squirt the serial data out fast enough.

  3. Ohh i like the pong game. could be cool with a building guide for it and the chip firmware released, so it’s like an open source sff pong game. only thing missing is a “cpu player” (ie. if your alone then you can play agains the chip itself), an onoff swicth and a battery pack (maybe li ion)

  4. if you go to the site, the hackaday logo can be found on the bitmap version of the parallel pcb. im still new with eagle, so i had to add it into the bmp version with photoshop.

    and btw, the software is done, it lets you turn on or off devices connected to your computer via the internet. the page was posted on the 25th, but i edited it to show the new software on the 26th. scroll down, the app and the php script to run the connect method are near the bottom.


  5. I really like the parallel port relay – not too new, but really nice on a small card. I agree with Will that there should be a more comfortable way to connect it, like edge traces…

    The Pong board is also nice, it brings back memories…

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