Aww, They Like Us. (DIY HAD T-shirts)

Over on the Ben Heck forums, moderator G-Force made his own Hack-A-Day T-shirt. I dunno guys, do we need to start selling them? In the past, our swag has been by give away only. Thanks [Marshall]

It’s been a couple of exhausting weeks since the deadline for the Design Challenge. I’m going to finish up going through the entries and we should have a winner sometime next week.

19 thoughts on “Aww, They Like Us. (DIY HAD T-shirts)

  1. I think you guys should definitely sell t-shirts. Not only would I want to score some hacker swag, but what better place for the proceeds of my t-shirt shopping to go than Hackaday?

  2. i’ve been secretly hoping that you would start selling tshirts for a couple of months now. i would make one, but fabric isn’t my preferred hacking medium…i would definitely buy one though.

  3. CafePress was also a pain for us europeans last time I looked at it.
    How’s about or use more than one supplier.
    Although in the hack-a-day spirit I think people should be rolling their own, maybe using some sort of hackery download from the site, like the postscript for printing the logo as a perl or matlab script.
    How’s about a hack-a-day wearables competition?

  4. morcheeba (5)- i like your style! yeah, it might be a little itchy, but if thats what it takes to show off my had love, then i think i owe it to myself (and the community) to turn on the mixing tank. still wouldnt mind a nice cotton one though…

  5. I would buy a tshirt or even a hoodie. It would be a good way to get some money for hosting the site.

    Don’t use Cafepress or Jinx though. Something of decent quality and so you can get some money from it.

  6. Well in the true spirit of hackaday, someone should come up with a high-tech but low-budget way to laser burn the skull-and-wrench pattern into fabric, or better yet, your own skin.

    but seriously, don’t sell them, give a cool hack on how to make them.

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