IPod NES Controller

[F00 f00] sent in his excellent piece of iPod artistry. It’s one of the most original iPod hacks I’ve seen yet. (Aside from his funky dock) I haven’t checked up on the latest iPod dock specification, but I’d guess he’s sending the command signals via the serial (TTL) interface with a microcontroller(pic/atmel etc) to encode the button presses.

27 thoughts on “IPod NES Controller

  1. Sooo Jeff (#7), This could be totally possible by using a (wired) ipod remote and connecting the buttons to the NES. It would be messy but possible. But what i would like to know is did he made a chip that converts the nes signal to ipod or used a ipod (wired) remote and just solder through the buttons.

    The Nes controller/connector is really simple.
    Ipod pin-out G2 and G3 generation. (other generations might be different of course)

    So next time before you “automatically assume” try to think if it is possible ( you lazy bastard :P ). That said i don’t know if this is real but i believe it anyway because i think that it is possible.

    Anyway if f00 f00 could be so kind to tell us what method he used i would be grateful. :)

  2. you cant walk backwards…. If you notice in the video he never hits the back arrow button. Not having the ability to use that control sucks. It was a total downside when I uploaded that game on my ipod using rockbox.

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