USB CNC Controller

This one reminds me of a MAME arcade controller. This control panel is just the gravy on top of a very nice CNC conversion for a Sieg X2 mini mill. (Like mine.) [Hoss] used a Logitech attack 3 joystick and a philips PC game pad to provide the interface. Of course, the case was machined on the mill. The thread covering his conversion provides DXF diagrams of all the parts he used for his CNC conversion, as well as explanation diagrams. (If you need a decent DXF viewer/cad program, try Qcad in the ubuntu repositories.)

10 thoughts on “USB CNC Controller

  1. Looks cool. Too bad he posted all the pictures on a member whoring forum. You have to join there poor quality forum to view the images.

    They stole that technique from the mediocre windows support forums who require you to register to view responses.

  2. Dear Sirs:
    I am instereated in you MACH 3 CONTROLLER panel. would you give me a DIY controller panel information,I am waiting for you massage, Thanks.

    Yang Bao-Jane

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