World Weather Umbrella

[Peter] brings us the oddest hack of the week. It’s a little esoteric, but interesting. This modified umbrella is used in conjunction with a giant world map outline. A camera takes note of the umbrella position and correlates the location. The user walks around and ‘experiences’ the weather in that location of the world. If you’d prefer to have everyone think you’re nuts, you could just interface it with your ipod.

3 thoughts on “World Weather Umbrella

  1. at first sight,
    i couldn’t figure out this hack’s use..
    but the idea is brilliant, because it interacts with realtime forecasts, and the use of the umbrella makes it personal and VR-like.
    now, i’d love to see rainfall on that thing..

  2. now that is a cool hack. Very hands on science museum style. It is a good system to tie into the reactable synth. . . it would be cool to tie in the floor mat position to create a human interactive synth, visual of course. Wow that gives me an idea, I have to finish my car first

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