Friday Night Extra

I’ll be busy with my soldering iron tonight, but I thought it was time for an extra.

[Joe] notes that if you’d like to put up some graffiti you probably won’t get arrested for, you might light projection bombing.

[Emil] noted that [mark] successfully upgraded his ipod mini to run an eight GB CF card. (He’d previously put a 4GB flash card in.

[XanTium] notes that several patches have been released for the Linux 2.6.20 kernel specifically to support XBox 360 hardware. A Linux loader is soon expected to be released to exploit the Hypervisor vulnerability.

[CtrlAltDefeat] pointed out an interesting DIY camera card to hard drive memory dump device.

[Bobby] sent in a teaser of his DIY bluetooth Sony MDR 300 headphones.

World Weather Umbrella

[Peter] brings us the oddest hack of the week. It’s a little esoteric, but interesting. This modified umbrella is used in conjunction with a giant world map outline. A camera takes note of the umbrella position and correlates the location. The user walks around and ‘experiences’ the weather in that location of the world. If you’d prefer to have everyone think you’re nuts, you could just interface it with your ipod.