Friday Night Extra

I’ll be busy with my soldering iron tonight, but I thought it was time for an extra.

[Joe] notes that if you’d like to put up some graffiti you probably won’t get arrested for, you might light projection bombing.

[Emil] noted that [mark] successfully upgraded his ipod mini to run an eight GB CF card. (He’d previously put a 4GB flash card in.

[XanTium] notes that several patches have been released for the Linux 2.6.20 kernel specifically to support XBox 360 hardware. A Linux loader is soon expected to be released to exploit the Hypervisor vulnerability.

[CtrlAltDefeat] pointed out an interesting DIY camera card to hard drive memory dump device.

[Bobby] sent in a teaser of his DIY bluetooth Sony MDR 300 headphones.

9 thoughts on “Friday Night Extra

  1. Haha. You sure changed your mind about using a 16GB chip pretty quickly. Good work! It’s really tempting me to put down the money on an 8GB CF card for use with my dead mini. I’m just worried about a brand not working…

  2. >Haha. You sure changed your mind about using a 16GB chip pretty quickly.

    :-) Well, actually I didn’t. Imho economically at this time it makes not much sense. I do think testing out the 16gb-card is useful information for when the price of that card has dropped, which is enough reason for me doing this right now, so that the information will be available online at that point. The other cards I used so far, I bought myself, this 16gb-card is lent to me by the manufacturer for testing (they were actually quite happy with me doing this so far and we got in touch after the 4gb-card-project). So that’s why I’m able to continue this project at this point.

  3. it’s nice to hear that you are receiving some support for a pretty interesting project! I just wish I could find a source for their cards in this area (Canada). I’ve heard of people saying various brands or makes don’t work and, while I would love to ressurect my mini, I can’t justify risking the cash.

    ah well.

  4. Great stuff as always hackaday!

    I recently salvaged a 20GB 1.8-inch toshiba hd out of a store-demo Magellan roadmate 700 gps unit.
    Turns out it’s the same drive that’s used in the 20gb ipods!

    Cooler still is the fact that I found a USB enclosure that supports the odd pinout of those particular drives. When it arrives i should have a nice _little_ 20GB usb hd for under 30 bucks.

    While it isn’t directly connected, it was this article that came to mind when I started removing the drive from the rest of the non-working gps unit.


  5. Hey, I’ve got my own hack going on involving an old sound-canceling set of headphones and those highly breakable but inexpensive logitech bluetooth headphones for “ipod.” Seems a natural pairing.

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