We’re Giving Up

We’ve had it with all these dark hardware hacking conferences. We’re giving up on Hack-A-Day and becoming Craft-A-Day. From now on we’ll be featuring great content like the latest knitting needle mods, yarn spinning and scrap booking. It’s been a great ride, but from now on we’ll see you at Hobby Lobby.

Thanks for setting us straight, [Steve].

65 thoughts on “We’re Giving Up

  1. Good one, but need to be a bit more subtle for the people here i think.

    Its been great since i learned of this site. i wanna get something up. but i suck. and all that normal lazy non-sence

  2. Come on now, that wasn’t believable at all. You should have done something really crazy but just believable enough to get readers like “Homebrew Nuclear Fission Electrical Generator” or “80MPH Segway”.

    Wait, weren’t those posted here before?

  3. You knit-wits! Thanks for the hack-a-day stickers @ shmoocon –I’m working on a mod to turn them in to craft-a-day stickers. Basically, you cut off the wrench ends to make it look like a pair of knitting needles, and then you use the leftovers to turn the skull in to a smily face.

  4. And not a moment too soon! On the same day that Hack-A-Day (now Knit-A-Day?) ran this story, the SolderSmoke podcast reported on efforts in the New Jersey State Legislature to CRIMINALIZE the use of soldering irons in the home. Check it out in SolderSmoke #52. http://www.soldersmoke.com So stay out of trouble gentlemen — turn in those soldering irons and pick up your knitting needles! I’m trying to knit a Hallicrafters HT-37 right now!

  5. i totally forgot about April 1st. as everyday, i get up, i check hackaday(due to my timezone 0700h is the average time a new hack is on) and was soo frustrated.. all the way till i got to the office and finally had time to check out the [read] link… good one, seriously..one of the few ones i ever fell for..just didn’t expect that from you..
    ill remember next year tho…
    have a ‘con’structive week,


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