We’re Giving Up

We’ve had it with all these dark hardware hacking conferences. We’re giving up on Hack-A-Day and becoming Craft-A-Day. From now on we’ll be featuring great content like the latest knitting needle mods, yarn spinning and scrap booking. It’s been a great ride, but from now on we’ll see you at Hobby Lobby.

Thanks for setting us straight, [Steve].

65 thoughts on “We’re Giving Up

  1. i was struck with terror when i saw this on my rss viewer, there was enough time while my browser loaded for me to realize this may have something to do with 4-1, but when i actually read the article i realized that it was a joke. just from the title though, i thought it was real (every website will come to an end sooner or later…(though i hope for this sight it is much later)) (yes, nested parentheses, just like math class!)

  2. I’d like to see a hack of these three things:

    plumb bob

    Knitting needles are easy. Sharpen ’em for tire punctures or ice picks. Yarn? Too easy. Wrap strands into a rope and hang an air plant from them. What’s a hack but finding a way to use a thing in a way never intended.

  3. i was thinking about how i could mod my needles, and i’ve decided they need two things: a digital clock and a pedometer. well okay maybe thats not really what i need. maybe i should do something more original, like knitting myself a new ipod cover. i’m sure nobody has thought of that before!

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