DIY Beatbox

[formathirn] sent in his latest project, his Beatbox 2.0. He was kind enough to write up an instructable (Don’t whine about it, they’re giving away a friggin $6k laser etching machine.)
It features a 600 watt amp, four internal mid/fullrange speakers and it’ll run external subs, if you don’t mind carting them around. He used some p3 heat sinks to reduce the space needed by the amp and fit everything into an old ‘Grundig Bandmaschine’ case. For extra bling, he put used fiber optics in the side.

5 thoughts on “DIY Beatbox

  1. Yeah, Pentium 2 heatsinks, not pentium 3, if you read the instructable. I’m not sure what this thing was originally, but it’s a nice hack. Looks clean too.

  2. I agree the Grundig skeleton appears to be an old portable reel to reel tape recorder. Hell today’s cassette recorder are reel to reel recorders as well, akmixdown. A Wollensack I used to have in the junk shed was similar in appearance. It was hacked to turn it into a slow speed dispatch like recorder. Nice to see something other than an Altoids tin used for cabinent.

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