6 thoughts on “Go International With Your Zune

  1. @nex:

    Who cares when it came out?

    -and that was the best thing you could think of to say?
    why did you bother?

    Yes, I agree that zunes should be hacked relentlessly and doggedly.
    Let’s start with that broken wifi, shall we??

  2. Mr. Nex,
    I hope you research more thoroughly next time, I am an active zuneboards member, and the H&M team deserves a thanks, not a slap. What they have achieved was not the hack itself, but a way for the average person to add multi language support for their zune. I’m sure you know that it is illegal to redistribute a “Modded” firmware, this is a way to legally bring this support to the public. I and many other readers would appreciate it if you and other “nay sayers” would do your research and attempt to understand what you are talking about before you blabber and destroy someones efforts.


    xerointell at gmail dot com

    Also Thank You lpxxfaintxx for putting forward an effort to bring this support to the public.

  3. Wow, excellent news, has zune is not yet come out somewhere else thant the US, this is very usefull for those who buy the zune from the US. Like poeple from europe, asia…

    Well done.

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