Simple IPhone Headphone Mod

Apparently the iPhone jack isn’t quite standard – it’s a bit recessed to the point that third parties are offering adapters for it. [John] offers this simple method for modding Etymotic’s fine ER6i headphones. (If only I could find mine. I haven’t seen them for 8 months.) I suggest using a utility knife over a pocket knife. It’s simple, easy, and will probably work on most headphones.

19 thoughts on “Simple IPhone Headphone Mod

  1. i unlocked the iphone thats all the hacking i need for awhile

    for those who dont know u can Google on the iphone to install the best iphone hack that i have ever seen

  2. Seriously? Every gadget and nerd news site had similar procedures right after the iPhone launch. I was hoping to find something meatier, like how to recable those Etys with the pack-in headphone cord so you could keep the mic and pushbutton.

  3. Has anyone looked into doing the reverse? As in, opening the iphone’s opening so it will take standard headphones? Something like opening it with a Dremel or something like that. Seems like a better solution, but you’re cutting a more expensive object.

  4. LOL has to be very tough hold the pliers with one hand, knife in the other, and take a photo. My guess the laptop was the only clear spot on a cluttered desk to stage a photo. Note that all the other photographed items where on the laptop as well.

  5. Pff, I did this months ago with my 3.5mm patch cables for my PC (because the sockets are too close together and Maplin only sell crap leads which have huge chunky moulded ends on them)… One session with a breadknife later and they’re my special edition slimline version, and they work really nicely. ;)

  6. Found this ‘hack’ while googling for an iPhone Headset Adapter. Applied the simple suggestion to my old Sony set and saved money by not having to purchase an adapter. Now wife can use the modified Sony headset while I keep the original so we can share some of the iPhone features without worrying about ear canal cross-contamination.

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