Friday Night Double Cap Extra

[scott] sent along his lego ipod dock.

The letter [M] brings us the oscilloscope terminal (AVR based text displayed via oscope).

[Max] sent in his funky alarm clock mod.

[Chad] sent in a question, but I dig his custom camera housings.

[sprite_tm] sent in his new use for a cheap photo display.

UPDATE: Torrents for all the talks at the Chaos Communication Congress have been posted.

15 thoughts on “Friday Night Double Cap Extra

  1. dude….a dell?!
    thats like serious uncool
    even my hp is sub standard imo!!
    now… somone needs to hack 1 of these little monitors into a luxeon led based projector to get a 15 inch screen out of a little pocket sized device, the ultimate pocket projector

  2. That sprite photo display hack is seriously cool. Too bad the UART probably isn’t accessible or it could be an ultra cool USB/serial logging device. Also, I just ordered a Dell. Easiest way to get a XP laptop while I still can, and yes, I’m tied to Windows by work.

  3. Me also wants hack-a-day sticker (or whatever it is :-P )

    BTW, I love the idea of using the oscope as terminal.. it’s a plain clever idea

    And what’s wrong with having a Hell laptop? I have a Gateway (soon-to-be Acer) because it was the one packing the most bang for the buck… but if dell had offered me a better laptop for same price, I don’t see a reason to not take it

  4. @Localranger, just because the uart isn’t accessible (maybe) doesn’t mean it can’t be used for serial display. Pseudo terminal + the gd image library or php creating an image on the fly + the script that Sprite created. Go look at the logitech g15/m5000 keyboards or z-10 speakers, which have a text display that is really text -> image -> lcd setup. Think outside of the boxen :P

  5. Dude A Dell!
    I’ve got a dell Inspiron 1420 with Ubuntu and it gets butt.
    Now I also want a hack-a-day sticker, how to get one of those?

    I also thought that the ipod dock was a little old, but you can find some great ones right on

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