Wine Cellar Monitoring

I’ve been getting back into wine, and ran across this handy one wire wine cellar monitor. Aside from the usual iButton air temp sensor, they built a simple immersed 18S20 sensor to monitor liquid temperature as well. (I’d toss some sulfites in the water to prevent mold) To keep an eye on air conditions, they used a TAI8540A humidity probe. Looks like just the thing for the geek wine cellar.

6 thoughts on “Wine Cellar Monitoring

  1. In fact I’ve been thinking about something similar for a while, but I’d use it to control the conditions of my beer. The problem with beer is that it’s easy to screw things up if everything isn’t perfectly sterilized, so I’m not sure an internal sensor is a workable thing in my case.

  2. I would like to see an extension of this idea, basically control the environment if the temperature, humidity etc get out of whack. I guess that means control a relay board and connect heaters, exhaust fans, a humidifier and de-humidifier; but it would be cool to see the integration.

  3. It is kirk, in the article he mentions that: “We can have an in-bottle sensor (which should be better buffered, and more representative of the wine temperature.”

    but maybe he was more worried about the cork molding?

    Although I have had standing + circulating water grow bacteria various times (water cooling when not treated correctly being one).

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