Voice Controlled Game Controller

[] sent in this voice controlled video game project. The idea is simple and honorable: make gaming accessible to the physically limited. [Cyberpyrot] used a voice recognition kit and interfaced it with a bog standard XBox 360 controller. Looks like a fairly easy project if you’re familiar with the pointy end of a soldering iron.

9 thoughts on “Voice Controlled Game Controller

  1. Now see, I’m waiting for when they get to know nerves a little better and make it so that you can link your nervous impulses to the computer – then you won’t need a controller at all. Expand that to work both ways, and you have some authentic force-feedback.

    (Speaking of which, where did real force-feedback controllers go, anyway? Not ones that vibrate a little, I mean the big, bulky ones which could kick in a specific direction, based on where you just got hit in the game.)

  2. @3

    would that be possible? is there a car that outputs electrical signals based on steering wheel angle, accelerator/brake amount, (stick shift stuff if applicable), etc.? and would it be easily accessible?

    at least in my humble experience, a steeling wheel when the car is parked and off doesn’t turn very willingly. (compared to when driving). also, the brake, accelerator, clutch all seem to be quite different when parked or when driving.

    i think what i’m trying to say (i know nothing about car mechanics…) is that all of the available “controls” in the car are linked mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically (or however) to other pieces.

    of course, I have no experience with car mechanics, so i could be totally wrong, but i think that even if steering/accelerator/etc did output an electrical signal based on their state, they are still linked mechanically to their respective… stuff…

    that said, it would be quite neat to see, and i think i saw in popular science a while back some japanese concept car that allowed an in-built driving simulation to interface with the car’s controls.

  3. Most cars have throttle position sensors and any car with abs will have some sort of break position sensor so that leave steering wheel. Cadillac has a car that changes the headlight position a little bit in response to turning, but that doesn’t mean it is based off the steering wheel, wheel location or part of the linkage.

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