Cellular Data Controlled Robot

[Jatinderjit] sent along the latest in LEGO robotics. The cell phone controlled robot. It’s based on a LEGO Excavator kit with a few spare parts via ebay. The controller is a Nokia phone running a small webserver. A PIC 24F microcontroller runs the show as it receives commands via the phones IR interface. The phone uploads images from the on-board camera as fast as it can update it. Think of it as a poor mans mars earth rover.

FYI, This puppy made engadget while I was working it over, so the site might get a bit overloaded in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Cellular Data Controlled Robot

  1. say goodbye to suicide bombers, now all they need is some lego excavator sets and some cheap nokias to deliver bombs in a way thats fun for the kids, it certainly would be a hit with the 12 yr old jihad’i.

  2. I am interested in using the cell phone in the other direction – e.g. interfacing an Arduino to a cell phone to make it dial out and send some data remotely. Like presence indicator, temp, power loss, etc. Use a cheap phone and just use DTMF for data as a first shot. Searched Google and can’t find anything like this.



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