EeePC Inverse Video Scaling

[Tracker] sent in this handy software hack for the eeePC. The idea is to scale higher resolutions like 1024×768 down to the native 800×480 screen resolution. His post tells you how (but requires windows) and helpfully provides the required downloadable driver. I wonder if he’s seen this video showing up 1600×900?
(update: fixed the missing video link.)

12 thoughts on “EeePC Inverse Video Scaling

  1. what is the point of that video link? most laptops have that option its hardly special. but scaling the actual image to fit the screen is.

    now if you could get 1600×900 squashed onto the screen that would be interesting, if you had done your homework youd also discover that the scaling is very limited to only a few resolutions and none of them are widescreen, so they look horrible, in anything but games.

    And I think its more likely that this original hack came from

  2. Fantastic,
    how does this eeepc works i have be en read some comments. am also intrested to work with it. pls do send a reply to my mailbox or your email to contact you.

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