Shmoocon’s Coming

Just prepping up a bit before this spring’s Shmoocon. Things will definitely be colder this round, so bring your cold weather gear if don’t want to arrive in the form of a human popsicle. I’m a fan of Shmoo’s organization tactics. Running several single session talks keeps me from missing one great talk to attend another. [h1kari]’s GSM talk promises to be interesting. Not to mention VOIP penetration testing and solid state hard drive recovery. [Eliot] and I will see you there. Don’t worry, we’ll be reporting back for the guys that have to miss out this year

7 thoughts on “Shmoocon’s Coming

  1. Yep, they usually have video. First, paid-for versions on DVD (the money goes to the company that records them), and then free downloads a few months later — see last year’s. I had a blast last year (video), but didn’t have anything hacking-related to present this year :-( (this doesn’t count)

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