Swiss Army Knife 2 Project Board

[Micheal] developed this board to be the heart of an even bigger sensor interface project. I think the design might come in handy for someone looking for more flexibility than even an Arduino or similar projects offer. The SAK2 uses a 40Mhz PIC 18F452, step down power regulation, RF transceiver and plenty of I/O ports. Firmware, schematics and BOM are all provided.

8 thoughts on “Swiss Army Knife 2 Project Board

  1. jeez you’d think with such high-resolution photos posted on the main site (without scaling the thumbnails) that they would be in focus. What a ripoff.

    Just kidding. Those pdf’s provide crazy amounts of info.
    This is a very impressive project — what every professional yet free project should be. This thing is literally a swiss army knife of any embedded device development. Unfortunately it’s way beyond my needs.

  2. @ 2 & 3… take your spam elsewhere.

    This looks like an awesome project. I have been working on a couple of projects that use the 18F452 and the updated 18F4520, this sure beats the socks of my development board. I especially like the RTC and CF slot.

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