DIY 2.4ghz Spectrum Analyser

This project got some blog love last year, but it slipped past my radar. [jhecker] built a parallel port interfaced device based on a Cypress 2.4ghz transceiver module. The module is pretty complete, so as long as you can wield a soldering iron, you can pull this one off. The module is pretty cheap, so it could be just the thing for building your own signal detector.

Shmoocon’s coming

Just prepping up a bit before this spring’s Shmoocon. Things will definitely be colder this round, so bring your cold weather gear if don’t want to arrive in the form of a human popsicle. I’m a fan of Shmoo’s organization tactics. Running several single session talks keeps me from missing one great talk to attend another. [h1kari]’s GSM talk promises to be interesting. Not to mention VOIP penetration testing and solid state hard drive recovery. [Eliot] and I will see you there. Don’t worry, we’ll be reporting back for the guys that have to miss out this year