iPod laser pointer

If you thought there wasn’t anything else to shove on the end of your iPod, [Alex] is here to set you straight. He used the DC power that’s available on the iPod’s dock to drive a cheap laser pointer. It’s pretty easy to do – just get a dock connector (sparkfun has em) and add a laser pointer module. If you’d rather access everything else, check out the super dock I put together a while back. Hit the read link if you’d rather see the picture in color.

7 thoughts on “iPod laser pointer

  1. It would be cool if someone did this with a mirror, a small magnet, and some coils to make a portable ipod laser projector. Put the mirror on a pivot then connect one channel to one axis and the other to the other axis. Or it could be really fancy with audio filters to produce even more interesting light effects.

  2. not really, sumguy’s idea is to use mirrors in combination with the music to create a fancy (visualisation?) picture on something (wall etc.) that’s not where the iBeam is created for.

  3. The original hack is cool, and making a laser projector thing is cool, but those griffin laser attachments? Why would anybody carry around a laser attachment that uses an ipod as a battery? why not just carry a regular damn laser pointer? not saving any size by making it an ipod attachment… pointless gimmick.

    sorry, i needed to vent that somewhere.

    however, a diy job is always interesting because it isn’t just about a practical end-product.

  4. You guys took my poke way to seriously :)
    Yes, it’s cool he did this DIY, and the porto-vis thing is an interesting idea. My point was somebody’s already thought of slapping a laser on an iPod and — besides that — sold it as a product …as absurd as it may be.

  5. Why not use a real laser to experience how powerful a common green or blue laser can be. Laser pointer can be used in more ways than tied with iPod.
    Go to highlasers.com to see how it works, and work wonders.!

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