Semi-duplicate Post Extra

[bgugi] was the first to notice that yesterday’s post had been seen before, tucked away in an extra last year. (I do check for these things, but it slipped through.) I honor of my little lapse, here’s a fully loaded extra.

[Matt] scored some interesting hardware next to one of the local dumpsters. He also just put up part one of his coil gun based on ten $1 disposable cameras.

[Darren] sent in this USB webcam that was mounted in a Canon FX SLR body. Now the cam can be fitted with old (inexpensive) lenses for better performance.

[Brandon] really likes his XBox live – enough to set up access via Sprint EVDO and install everything in his Mini Cooper with a set of VR glasses and controller in the glovebox for instant access.

These were all over the place this week, but I wanted to put them out there. [Pablos] showed BoingBoing how completely lame RFID enabled credit cards are. And it’s way to much fun to watch this dog play with his own robotic ball tosser.

[Jason] sent in his altoid tin guitar – he slapped a piezo inside the tin to get signal out of it.

[David] sent in his older, but still awesome Segbot. It’s a balance bot that’s controlled via wireless modem with camera feedback.

Last and definitely not least, [Basil] sent in his Midistrip guitar mod. He added a capacitive touch strip to the body of a guitar and uses it to create midi output. Check out the demo vids here, here and here.

10 thoughts on “Semi-duplicate Post Extra

  1. i wish there were videos of the midistrip doing more than just a lame pitch shifting noise-making session.

    the altoids tin guitar looks interesting, he actually got a surprisingly usable tone out of it, if you’re willing to play fretless. if you used a ruler with fine enough markings you could pretty easily approximate the fret positions with a marker though.

  2. yay! i have officially achieved one of my goals in life!! (to be mentioned on hackaday)

    lessee… next thing on the list… oh, yeah, to be shot out of a fighter jet’s ejection seat.

  3. {5. The dumpster driving link contains some unpleasant casual racism. “He acts…..” I personally wouldn’t give it the space on your blog.}

    that brand of ‘casual racism’ seems to be pretty prevalent in many math/sci ‘higher’ edu settings. oh well. “asians see in hd widescreen.” i’m pretty used to it i suppose; it’s all in “good fun” or something =\
    anyways, the pics are neat i guess

  4. How is “my so called Asian friend, he acts pretty white” racist at all? He is Asian… and he does act white… I never said there is anything bad about being Asian, or white. I have friends of all races and colors, and where I come from (Canada) we all get along with each other and respect each other. I think next time you should try and figure out what somebody is trying to say before publicly stating that they are being racist.

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