USB Gaming Arm Band O’ Pain

[Nuri] sent in his rather interesting gaming feedback device. The TrakonyaMutatorUSB is a USB based armband that’s designed to shock you when you get shot or killed in your game. I can’t comment on the safety of this thing, but I guess it could be a good gift for your enemy gamer.

Update: Just to clarify a bit, This is built by [Nuri]. He offers them for sale (via paypal I see), but it is his work. It would be nice to see the design, but I can see some reasons why he might not want to release it to the public.

15 thoughts on “USB Gaming Arm Band O’ Pain

  1. this appears to be a commercial product.
    I agree, this is no hack. I’m a bit disappointed to see it here.

    But lame? I like the idea of pain when you get shot in a game. it would add some sense of danger, make them much less dull. it would make multi-player a lot more fun if you play with someone you know. in fact, i may build one of my own.

  2. I think this is posted here to inspire a hack based on it. You know, you change it so that it zaps you when you’re hit and then actually kills you when you get killed. Okay, maybe not…. That’s a really bad idea.

  3. “In any case it is not advised to use the Trakonya Mutator for over 10 minutes”

    Hum.. I wonder which Unreal Tournament Game session takes less than 10 minutes.

  4. What was hacked in order to create this?

    Can I start using hackaday for free advertising too?

    What seperates hackaday from other technology sites is the “how it works” aspect. A hack is not worth reading about without design/schematics/source code, etc. In my opinion, if they don’t want to explain what they’ve done, then they have no business being on hackaday.

    This case is even more severe, since it’s not even a hack to begin with.

  5. yes, this would be fun for multiplayer, but it could have a more serious use.
    you could condition yourself to play better by expecting a shock when you get shot, and thus become a better gameplayer just so you don’t get shot…
    barbaric but it could work.

  6. So beyond the obvious point that this is a commercial product, no hack has been published for it, and no technical specifications have been provided for proprietry reasons…

    Don’t be so narrow-minded. I check this website almost daily. I am interested, and I don’t really have the knowledge, or the time, to contribute with any personal hacks. But I do read what is posted, and I learn some useless trivia from them.

    I like to look at what is sent in, and I like to think about the hacks that could come from them.

    So with this particular “‘hack”, I see a USB controller desinged to emit a said voltage/amperage to a single output source, based upon a particular feedback from any compatible software.

    Where is the potential for a hack? Animal training (or torture if you’re a flaming PETA liberal), certain medical applicatons, practical joke (shocker-in the chair), ‘security’ at your gaming station by way of feedback on failed password attempts, human torture, BSDM via webcam using multiple appliances (how many USB ports does your computer have, potentially?, and my personal favorite: invocation of jealousy because this was such a simple concept that really seems like a malfunction gone right. I’m sure that this thing won’t be legal because the FCC will probably ban it.

  7. If you are going to hack this and make your own I would STRONGLY suggest that you make sure you use an inverter to convert AC to DC. Even 1/10th of a volt in AC can cause myocardial arrhythmia – i.e. a heart attack.

    Just sayin’.

    On the other hand some of you faux macho bastards seem intent on making your gaming experience more “real.” Might I suggest using high voltage AC and a triggering system for some random placed guns and explosives in your house. THAT should get the adrenalin pumping.

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