MIDI Controlled Xmas Bells

This video is [Jim]’s 12 year old [Adam] describing a modded a set of electronic christmas bells that take midi input thanks to a propeller controller. Looks like [Jim] helped a bit, but it looks like a great way to introduce young minds to hardware hacking. You can grab details on the board design here.

11 thoughts on “MIDI Controlled Xmas Bells

  1. Wow.. We had a set of those when I was a kid. I think my mom still has them. Too bad that ripping the set up would have incurred her wrath.

    Maybe I’ll do it now…

  2. Nice hack. If I could only find that bell set now…

    And what is wrong with the propeller? It is a nice entry level 8 core chip. Besides, it is obvious that the kid got a lot of help (read: adults did all the work) from his father, uncle and Parallax, which gets free advertising now ;)

  3. Give the kid a break! Sure his dad may have helped him but it sounds like he did a lot of it himself too. Plenty of youngsters are into electronics (I know I was at that age, building Dick Smith kits!).

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