Hackit: Ironman/movie Inspirations?

I got a chance to see the new Ironman movie last night, and it’s exactly the kind of film that kick-starts my brain into considering new projects. I’m opening up today’s hackit in a few directions:
1) Get any project ideas from Ironman?
2) Got any projects that were inspired by movie/tv/comic tech?
3) What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

65 thoughts on “Hackit: Ironman/movie Inspirations?

  1. i know in a t4 mag some folks at some company built a robotic arm costing around £80,000.00 that you can buy – it moves exactly like a human arm and it recognises what it touches. eg: if you hand shake it there are sensors that tell you are fleshy and human and it wont crush your hand into a mess.

    ill find it through my mags, scan it and upload it and then put the link here.

  2. I have long since wanted augmented vision and the ironman suit has some nice stuff in that arena I get my inspiration from Batu’s eyes in Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex.

    a great real world example without the cybernetics is the eye-tap, made at Toronto university. I gotta drive over there and force him to make me one, or get the parts and hack one together myself heh.

  3. Don’t watch it free online, go to the theater, it is a waste to watch it in terrible quality.

    I like how Jeff Bridges crazy suit looked feasible, and also how it took off like the space shuttle, I was almost going to start shouting NASA cliches in the theater!

    So my idea is a model rocket version of ironman (or an underwater submarine version with ducted thrusters)

    PS, Hinted? The (********SPOILER******)end bit with sam L. was so crap I felt sorry, the “comic universe” scene was so bad I felt like I was watching Smallville, only much worse, say “superheroes in a movie”, (think “snakes on a plane”). “next time” his friend says to the grey suit, what the hell was that all about? No need to make horrible pandering comments (or maybe their target audience is 8-12 year olds.)

    I forgive this because of the unbelievably cool tech. The control surfaces were awesome on the suit, I loved the RS8, but I am not quite sure that is the sound it makes (the sound departments have been taking liberty of late with proper noises, I have seen a guy spinning a ratchet with the audio of the ratchet mechanism clicking away, as though he was accomplishing nothing!)

    If the next one has the super suits, and just as much building of them, then I will love it too.

  4. #55 Yes, those were LEDs and the car he drove is completely real:


    #Everyone talking about powering something with a laser:

    Lasers are powered, they don’t power things. In order to produce a pulse of light of a certain energy, you have to put at least that much energy into the system that producing it–simple conservation of energy.

    (Also, only somewhat related, an “arc reactor” is a real device, but unfortunately it’s by any means a small energy producer. It’s a waste disposal device that uses a plasma arc to obliterate garbage and other waste into their most basic elemental components. It does however, have the capacity to create synthetic fuels that can be used for other purposes.)

    To answer the Hackit question, it’s not really inspired by Iron Man, but the movie renewed my interest a bit. I have been designing what could act as a replacement for the current military/police chest armor that uses resin-impregnated kevlar plates, instead of the current soft kevlar + steel/ceramic insert system. Unfortunately it exists only as a set of drawings for now as I’m not terribly experienced in working with composites, and I would have no good way of testing such a device.

    Iron Man was an entertaining flick though, hope they make another of equal quality.

  5. Ok guys, instead of a chest piece that is freaking awesome and glowing, why don’t we stick with conventional methods of producing energy.

    Also, on the idea of integrating it with his central nervous system; I always thought it would be cool to have a watch embedded in my wrist that ran oof my nervous system. he he. anyway, what is instead of using canstant inputs from sensors, it could clculate everythign through a small onboard computer… alot less wiring. Also, the computer could indireclty control the servos for the exoskeleton. I’m thinking gears and electromagnets. magnets move, gears keep in place = less power.

    Any one remember bio-pong? similar application, except servos, not paddles.

  6. Arc Reactors, a thing of the future, NO. Many of you think arc reactors a fake, impossible, well your wrong. Arc reactors are possible, well if you know laws of thermodynamics, and are willing to spend years developing this new technology. I admit that an arc reactor like Iron man’s is impossible to build, but rather a fusion arc reactor. An arc reactor like iron man’s uses a fuel that can be deplete which is surrounded in a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils (Tochamac). which combine to form a almost endless power source and produces 15 time that of a nuclear power plant can. Noting to this day can match that output of power, except for a fusion arc reactor. A fusion arc reactor works by ionizing hydrogen and then fusing it with each other, by ionizing it you now have a form of super heated plasma around 20 million degrees F. This plasma is still a form of hydrogen and can be fused much more easily since the atoms are moving super fast and are hot enough to fuse. This plasma is kept in a Tochamac type of device that is not a coil but a spherical object and has these intense jets of plasma shooting towards the center and then fusing together releasing the equivalent to megatons of TNT. Once the fusion has begun it is almost a infinite energy source, after the fusion has taken place the reactor can now begin to fuse elements like nitrogen and oxygen into elements like carbon. This requires the reactor to build more heat and pressure, to do so the amount of hydrogen being injected and fused is increased. This causes the reactor to begin to overheat because it is burning all its fuel faster and faster. once the desired temperature and pressure are reached the reactor can begin to take in our normal atmosphere and fuse it. The reactor will then decrease the amount of pressure and temperature being built up and settle to a safe sustainable temperature and pressure, just above the required temp and pressure to fuse those elements. Fusion reactors you say are not successful, and don’t work, well your almost wrong, fusion reactors are successful in the way that fusion can occur, we just cant control the rate at which it fuses because of the output it produces. Right now scientist are using high powered magnets to bring the atoms close enough to fuse, well when you do that you cant just pick how many atoms you want to fuse you just fuse them all. This causes the amount of fused atoms to increase uncontrollably. If you inject the atoms you want to fuse in a form of plasma you have greater control over the amount of fusion happing. When you find out how to capture the energy being released by the reactor you will be able to do almost anything with it, it would produce millions of times the amount of energy it to get it running and keep it running. so you see that this technology is not that far out of reach, right now I have just started the designing stage of the fusion arc reactor, and will soon be entering the building stage. I will keep you posted on how its coming along, any questions for me you can email me at andrewmayhall@yahoo.com

  7. The Tablet that Pepper uses kinda looks like the one a doctor holds on a Microsoft Health video (

    )… Just desaturated… which was kinda odd.

    The os would be great (the one from she “hacks” and “steals” the info to a USB drive) if it could be gnomed somehow…

  8. Can anyone create the software that ran on his computers at home, for me; or his home computer system for that matter, or do you know where I can get it? price is a non-issue

    Also, I need the computer set up he has, the holographic display is a must, where can I get that, or have someone make it for me.

    email: thinker124@gmail.com

  9. after seeing this movie i completely audio automated my room, i walk in and my room actually talks to me, and i can talk back, it controls lights and widows and my stereo all by what i say it is really cool

  10. I’d like to see the (capacitive touch???) keyboard that he was using to prototype the mkII on the mac. And no Iron Man based hack would be complete without Jarvis. (I’m thinking something based off of the acer aspire one, beagle board, arduino, or some combination of them.) And of course a bad ass iron man suit with all the moving flaps actuated by servos or that linear actuator from sparkfun that can move 2 lbs. Idk that would be cool to have a suit like that though.

  11. I’m nearly finished making a “jarvis” obviously I’m not going to call it that but anyway it works on my computer (or any with access to my file server) I’m realy close to completion I just need a friggin voice actor and a peice of code that lets me access the internet within the “jarvis” program

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