Touchscreen Kit For Eee PC

We’ve featured hacks for the Eee PC 701 before, but nothing so easy as this touchscreen kit.

This kit includes everything needed: the touchpanel, a USB controller card, and the correct connectors. The touchpanel is placed inside the frame in front of the screen. The controller is plugged in line with the USB webcam. This mod can be completely installed in 9 steps, the hardest of which involves removing a few screws. This is great solution for first-time modders, but if you’re not afraid of a little solder and prefer a bit more challenge, check out jkkmobile’s original touchscreen hack. He even hints that he’s successfully added touch to his Eee 900 as well.

14 thoughts on “Touchscreen Kit For Eee PC

  1. but how hard would it be to add touchscreen capability to the 900 series? i’m saving up to get a black one soon.

    also, is it possible to use the trackpad and touch screen at the same time? if i have the 900 in my car i’d like to be able to tap the screen instead of using the pad

  2. its about $200 USD which is way too expensive considering you can buy solderless (4port hub & touchscreen) kits off ebay for $90 USD. Sure they require you pull out the mainboard of your EEE PC, but it’s still solderless, & doesn’t look that hard to do.

  3. @3

    Uh, your dollar isn’t quite that weak, yet :)

    That’s Taiwan New Dollars. $2,350 TWD is roughly $77 USD at the moment.

    Shipping may be a different story, though ….


  4. Not to pour cold water on anyone, but before you think “touchscreen, cool!” and spend money on this, you might want to think it over. I had an LG Phenom Express for a while, which was a mini-laptop with a touchscreen. It was very awkward to use. You had to take both hands off the keyboard any time you wanted to use the mouse — one to poke the screen, and the other to brace the screen so the machine wouldn’t fall over. Not very convenient, and your hands got tired quickly with nothing to rest your hand on while you moused.

  5. Awesome post.

    I have an Itronix IX250 and a Fujitsu Siemens lifebook B2154, both with touchscreen – I find it so useful, i find myself prodding the crt of my benchtop pc and wishing i had touchscreen on that too.

    It’s hard to imagine using touchscreen, but once you do you become quite dependent on it!

  6. I wonder if a standalone touchscreen kit can be used as a secondary input(like touch tablets are with the pen or without as seen on laptop “mouses.”)
    That would be great for a computer I don’t want to jostle around and risk destroying the HDD — or other components…

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