DIY Ballistic Glass

[Glenn] hasn’t put up action shots, but he did write up how he made his own “Bulletproof” glass. The idea is simple: make a composite sandwich of Acrylic and Polycarbonate plastic. Automotive grade uses a combination of glass and Polycarbonate. Great, now we’ve got one more thing on my list of stuff to shoot.

12 thoughts on “DIY Ballistic Glass

  1. Even if it doesn’t stop bullets, but does stop scrapnel or whatever gets projectiled it sure helps. At least some protection than no protection at all….

    I can see purposes other then protecting from bullets.

    – Unomi –

  2. So this guy glues some sheets of plastic together and claims he’s “pretty sure” it’ll stop bullets? If I create a page about my mousepad that I’m “pretty sure” can stop armour piercing bullets, will hackaday post it on their website?

  3. hey he’s got a solid idea here and he’s detailed the fabrication, so I have to give him credit there.
    I do agree with you unclvlengr, there should be some testing done with various calibers / distances, but the lack of that shouldnt detract from an excellent project.

    also as mentioned, it should be pointed out that this has uses outside of it intended (which is limited in scope), storm windows for anyone in coastal area’s can be fabricated using a DIY approach.

  4. Despite being dead, this idea is pretty BA. I’m betting at least one of the casemodders that visit this site is sitting on both a wide array of transparent plastics and an equally impressive firearm collection. Pop a stack of sheets for the cause anyone?

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