3 Liter Homebrew Beer Keg

Beer kegs are several things. They are expensive, heavy, but most importantly delicious. We found a nice guide for creating your own 3 liter beer keg. This is an inexpensive solution for homebrewers looking to keg their own beer.

The guide goes into detail on assembly and parts needed to create the bottle adapter. Most of the parts can be picked up locally or through MoreBeer.com. CO2 cartridges are used to pressurize the bottle. To keep everything cool you can use a standard water cooler with a few simple modifications. The 3 liter bottle is too tall for some coolers so you’ll need to cut a hole in the lid. Add a piece of aluminum covered styrofoam to the top and bottom, toss in some ice, and your brew should stay cold for about 3 hours.

The author does note that this is not recommended for long term storage. So drink up!

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  4. I built one of these back in my college days when I first started homebrewing. Mine was a 3-liter pop bottle. It’s hard to clean and keep sanitary, hard to regulate pressure (with such little volume), and you pretty much have to have a kegging system in place already in order to fill it up (can’t really bottle condition in plastic). PITA.

    If you plan to transport homebrew, you can just fill/cap bottles or 2-liter jugs and be on your way. With quantities that small, you gotta figure it’s gonna get drank relatively quickly, so why not just pour it?

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  9. OK, enough of the off-topic discussions.

    I really like this simple hack. One thing I thought that would augment the utility of it would be to coat the thing in polyurethane, epoxy, or some other sort of oxygen barrier. Your brew would keep much longer that way.

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