7 thoughts on “Soft Start Your Flashlight For Longer Bulb Life

  1. I doubt this would make a diffrence with leds, so too bad I bought 200 10,000mcd diodes…

    Either way, hackaday hasn’t been living up to its name, I keep seeing more than one hack posted occasionally.

    And I couldn’t be happier.

  2. NTC would work, you can get one that will go from say 14 ohms down to 0.1 ohm, with a max current rating of 5A.

    The two downsides are: the 0.1 ohm on resistance is more power loss compared to the 0.04 ohm of his mosfet (although the rest of his circuit will take some power).

    and that if you switch it off, then on quickly, the inrush limit effect is weakened, as the thing is still hot.

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