One Handed Controller Available For Pre-order

You are probably familiar with the work of [Ben Heckendorn]. His latest commercial project, the one handed Access Controller, is now available for pre-order. A well known modder, he has created several unique video game console adaptations including a scratch built one handed Xbox 360 controller.

A unique feature of this controller is that it allows you to change the location of the buttons/joysticks. This modular design can be swapped and customized depending on your needs. Ben is including a guide for creating your own modules, should you be so inclined. The device uses 2.4Ghz wireless to communicate and is available for $129.99.

Since we know you are more interested in hacks than gadgets, be sure to checkout Heckendorn’s nice collection of how-tos on Engadget.

[via Engadget]

5 thoughts on “One Handed Controller Available For Pre-order

  1. hackaday has become just another news blog that just pulls shit from digg/slashdot/engadget. if this is really what it is going to change into, you will lose (and i know you have already lost) a lot of readers.

    eliot and/or will, you should probably think about where you are taking this website. these new “writers” are doing nothing but taking the stuff we already see and reposting it where it doesn’t belong. hackaday is changing from the idea of a “fresh hack each day, every day from around the web” to “an old story about a gadget or some other story that everyone has already seen, every day, several times a day from around the web”.

  2. I agree, this is not a hack… in fact it’s just plain lame: it’s a plug for some product. I’m sure the creator has posted a lot of cool hacks on Engaget, but that’s not this. Additionally, as the last poster noted, this is kind of old news.

  3. Jesus, you assholes are picky considering it’s free. It’s a follow-up to a previous post. The construction/design of this thing *is* an interesting hack, and IIRC the original post revealing it said it was going to be commercialized “eventually”. Now it is, and they’re letting us know that. I for one am glad that I don’t have to subscribe to some other blog just to get *updates* on cool hacks (which this controller definitely is).

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