IR Controlled Relays

If you’re thinking of building some DIY home automation, this looks like an interesting idea. At the heart is a PIC16F84 that decodes IR signals and controls six outputs – in this case, relays to activate various appliances. The PIC is dirt cheap – if you get a deal on some relays you should be able to build a small local IR HA system for $30… This might be just the thing for my office. It’s cheap enough that it probably wouldn’t walk off.

3 thoughts on “IR Controlled Relays

  1. How is this thing powered? I’ve build something like this myself with a smaller PIC and I would like to replace a light-switch with it, but where do you get the power? You could use batteries, but if they are dead you have to replace them.
    Also, my design can be programmed with any RC5-compatible remote.

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