Open Source Symbian

Nokia recently announced its plans to purchase Symbian and formed the Symbian Foundation with the intention opening the software platform over the next two years. Symbian is already present on 60% of all cellphones in the world. With such a massive install base, open source Symbian has a much better chance of taking off than platforms like Android, which are starting on the ground floor.

9 thoughts on “Open Source Symbian

  1. YES!

    I hope this takes off, I hate having to sign apps on my n73, and nowadays you really can’t sign anything properly anymore, and opensigned doesn’t always work.

  2. On the other hand, a new design starting from a blank sheet of paper with a powerful patron has it’s advantages as well. Take the iPhone (please!) as an example.

  3. Their release date of 2010 is extremely optimistic..not to say naive. Seeing how much work it is to turn closed source into a well documented open source port for Android I don’t expect Nokia to make it.

  4. I will be looking forward to seeing a PC port of Symbian, as well as multiprocessor and 64 bit ports and support for all sorts of hardwear. Symbian is a pretty stable OS and has a lot of software already.

  5. ha ha, how I laugh when I see these comments from people who do not understand the market. Symbian is dying, Android IS king and Nokia HAVE to buy a Linux derivative for their new OS. Bye bye Symbian

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